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Wedding/Event Planning and Mobile Bartendering Service

Other Services Available as well!


Welcome to Serene Events and Entertainment, thanks for visiting!

Drinks by Dawn is a mobile bartending service where mixology is our specialty.

You provide the beverages and we'll provide the fun with experienced and exciting professionals.

Our juice bars, cocktail, and food servers are a perfect addition to any party! These services come with incredible options with our LED light up bars.

Of course, we have multiple colors and sizes to choose from which allows you to create the best layout, flow, & ambient for you and your guest.

Alcohol can be a great addition to any event and Drinks by Dawn has the highest standards when it comes to safe and responsible serving.

We NEVER over pour. The right amount for the right drink, every time! 

Serene Events is a company to come to for peace of mind for your special occasion!

Welcome to one of the final steps in organizing a day full of memories. We are pleased to assist in the arrangement of your special day. We take pride in our role as your official Coordinator/Planner. To us, this is more than our job, it is our honor. Our main purpose is to guarantee an unparalleled service to provide an untroubled and harmonious Event. Our greatest goal is to bestow a lifetime of cherished memories.

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